Hello GAF Fans!

This is one of the major updates of GAF Converter. Today we are releasing GAF Converter 4.0  with "nesting" conversion mode. We are excited to share the news with all of you! Try out the new Standalone GAF Converter 4.0! It is already available for download here.



GAF Converter was started as a solution for converting animations, created in Flash Pro, into an open GAF-format that is played in a number of popular frameworks. We did the best solution possible, making it fast, flexible, and easy to use. But we do understand that animations are just a part of the game visual components. There are plenty graphic elements in a User Interface as well. Developers need a complete solution to cover all game visual components.

The new 4.0 version of GAF Converter holds a key for unlocking the all-out animation conversion. This is the "nesting" conversion mode. With this conversion mode developers can use Flash Pro to create complete User Interfaces for games. It also enables creating technically complex animations, which can be managed by a game code more flexible than "plain" animations (versions before 4.0 worked only in the “plain” conversion mode).

“Nesting” and “Plain": conversion modes together with other conversion settings allow developers to use Flash Pro+GAF as a complete toolkit for creating an exhaustive set of visual components for the game.

You can switch between the conversion modes in Conversion Settings Dialog in Conversion panel.

More information about the new "nesting" conversion mode and its comparison to the "plain" conversion mode "plain" can be found  in the article Conversion modes “plain” and “nesting”.

Note: in order to install  the standalone GAF Converter 4.0 you need to UNINSTALL the previous version 3.x from your computer BEFORE INSTALLATION. Automatic update from 3.x to 4.0 is not available!


If you are using the web version of GAF Converter you can also try out the new conversion mode. Just navigate to the Conversion Settings Dialog and find it in the Conversion panel at the same spot as in the standalone GAF Converter.

Note: right now only Starling and Cocos2d-x GAF libraries support "nesting". You can find Starling GAF library 4.0 here and Cocos2d-x GAF 4.0 library here. Other libraries will support “nesting” in upcoming releases.


We’ve developed a few examples to demonstrate the power of the new "nesting" mode.

The first example  is "Slot machine".It shows how all the UI and animations in the game can be created in Flash Pro, converted into GAF, and controlled still be controlled by the game logic.

Note: these examples require Flash Player 15.0.0 and higher.

Here you can download sources for Starling example and Cocos2d-x example.

In this example you can see how Dynamic Text Fields are working in the "nesting" mode.

Here you can download sources for Starling example (Note: only Starling GAF Library supports Dynamic Text Fields right now. Other libraries will support Dynamic Text Fields in upcoming releases.)

Have a nice day!
GAF Team.