Hello, GAF Fans!

My name is Vadym Mitin and I am a team lead of the GAF Converter development team.

In this article I will give a brief overview of how to quickly get started with a standalone GAF Converter.



Download and Install

Firstly, download GAF standalone application from downloads page and install it. Standalone GAF Converter is built with Adobe AIR and requires AIR runtime. If you don’t have the AIR runtime, our installer will download it and install automatically.

Why Adobe Air?

Adobe Air runtime is used because GAF Converter plays an SWF files during the conversion the same way the Flash Player does. This is why native Adobe runtime is the best choice. For more information about the conversion process please read this article.

Run and Preview

After the installation is complete run the application and the following window will be opened:

This is the Preview Mode. Here you can start converting your SWF animations right away, without logging in or registering. Just drag an SWF file in the converter window and the conversion will immediately start. After the conversion is complete, GAF player will automatically play the conversion result.

Please note that in the Preview Mode GAF Converter doesn’t save the conversion result. So you can just preview conversion result without saving. To save the conversion result you have to log in.


If you don’t have an account on the GAF Media web-site please click “SIGN UP” button to register. This will open a browser window on a registration page.

You can quickly sign up using your Google or Facebook account.


If you already have an account on GAF Media click the “LOGIN” button. This will open browser window on the login page. After the successful login you will see a popup window:

Close the window and switch back to the standalone application. You are already logged in.

GAF Converter working area

That’s it. Easy and simple. But let me explain a little bit more about all the components here:

Settings button which opens the Settings Dialog (see below)

Logout button.

Information about your Licence type, number of Conversions left (if the licence has a conversion limit) and Days left before the licence expires.

Drag area. Here you can drag your SWF files to start the conversion. Or you can drag converted animations to play them in GAF Player (*.zip, *.gaf or folder with converted animation accepted)



By default GAF converter saves converted animation in the same directory where your SWF file is located. Here you can choose a folder for saving the conversion results.

If you set up the destination folder for the conversion result this button will open this folder in Explorer (or Finder on Mac).

Settings Dialog

After you click the Settings button you will see the Settings Dialog:

Here is an overview of the settings:

If this checkbox is selected the application will automatically check for application updates. To disable this option deselect the checkbox.

When you disable “Check for updates” option you still have an opportunity to check the availability of a new version by clicking this button.

If you want GAF Converter to save the conversion result as a *.zip archive just turn on this checkbox. It might be used by those working with Starling or Unity GAF libraries accepting *.zip archives. When the checkbox is turned off GAF Converter saves the conversion result into the folder with the same name as the SWF file.

If you want to save atlases with “power of two” dimensions (256x256, 512x512, 1024x1024 etc.) turn this checkbox on. GAF Converter will find the nearest “power of two” dimension that fits the atlas content. Otherwise GAF Converter will save the atlas with the minimum possible size. All GAF runtime libraries are working fine with non “power of two” atlases.

Here you can choose texture atlas’ max size generated by GAF Converter. If an animation content doesn’t fit in one atlas with the maximum possible size, GAF Converter will generate more atlases. Note: it is better for the playback performance when all animation’s content fits in one atlas. Otherwise much more draw calls will be generated. The maximum possible atlas size is 2048x2048.

Premium features

All features described above are available for Free and Indie licences. For Studio or Enterprise licences you will be able to use much more features GAF Converter has. And here they are:

1) Unlimited conversions

With GAF Converter  Studio and Enterprise licenses you can perform the unlimited amount of conversions.

This is an essential option for those dealing with a big amount of animations.

Unlimited number of conversions also add a flexibility to your development process. You can reconvert all the animations at any time if any animation requirements changed.

2) GAF Compression

Compress *.gaf files up to 10 times when this option is turned on in the Settings Dialog!

3) Advanced Scale settings

With this option you can target the devices with different resolutions on Android, iOS and other platforms.



If you want to target Retina and non-Retina devices use the following Advanced Scale settings


For Android devices Scale settings are useful.


4) Bundles

When you drag several SWF files you to choose to “create bundle” or “convert separately”. If you choose the “Create bundle” option GAF Converter will convert all animations as multiple configs with a single texture atlas. This may be useful when you have a game scene with several separate animations and you want to put all graphic sources into a single texture atlas. This way you will dramatically reduce draw calls number.

5) Batch conversion

When you drag several SWF files you can choose to “create bundle” or “convert separately”. If you choose to “convert separately” converter will convert all SWF files the same way it is done manually one by one.

That is it! Hope this information will help you to quickly get started with GAF Converter.

Best wishes!

Vadym Mitin,

GAF Team Lead