Hello GAF Users!

GAF Converter Version 4.3 is released. 

The new features are:

1. Events (Event and DataEvent) are saved into gaf config in the conversion mode Plain (works like in conversion mode Nesting);

2. Improved algorithm of the atlas packing (the last atlas is minimized in case when the GAF Converter generates more than one atlas);


Starting from the version 4.3 you can use dispatching of the events from the frames in the conversion mode Plain (previously they were ignored). It works the same way as in the conversion mode Nesting. GAF Converter saves the following set of Action Script 3 code into GAF config file for further execution in runtime:

  • this.dispatchEvent(new Event("EvenName", false, false));
  • this.dispatchEvent(new DataEvent("EventName", false, false, "Your custom data here"));

Also this version includes other small fixes and general improvements.

Have a nice day!
GAF Team.