Hello GAF Users!

converter GAF provides porting flash to mobileGAF Converter Version 4.4 is released. 

The new features are:

1. A rectangular shape with solid color fill is packed in a texture atlas as 1 pixel region;

2. Conversion setting "Force squared" now is working as expected;


Starting from the version 4.4 GAF Converter produce even more optimized texture atlas. When an animation has a rectangular element with solid color fill (background, mask etc.) the storing of such region in the original size is a waste of space. Starting from the version 4.4 GAF Converter identifies such elements and save them as 1px region inside texture atlas.

Conversion setting "Force squared" starting from the version 4.4 is working as expected. When it is enabled GAF Converter always produce a square atlas. Note: right now it works only in Standalone GAF Converter. Unity plugin will be updated later in the version 4.1.

Also this version includes other small fixes and general improvements.

Have a nice day!
GAF Team.