Hello GAF Users!

Gaf media converter flash to unity swf export

GAF Converter Version 5.2 is released.

What is in the release:

  • Added Paddings
  • Added hint for conversion error
  • Fixed bugs reported by users



We added two new conversion settings into Texture Atlas panel: Border padding and Region padding. Those settings will be useful for those who want to use mipmapping and don't want to see artifacts on the edges of animation parts once the animation is downscaled.

Border padding is used to set the space between the regions and the border of the texture atlas.

Region padding is used to set the space between regions. It is used to avoid artifacts from neighbor regions. The transparent pixels are not added to the regions. We recommend setting the value at 2 or more to avoid dragging in pixels from neighbor regions during rendering in runtime.


Hint for a conversion error

Often we see reports from users with errors like "Error: 1009". Those errors mostly appear in conversion mode Plain, where an SWF is played back in Flash Player during conversion. In this conversion mode all the code inside an SWF is executed during playback. Error appears, if there is some code inside the SWF that is impossible to execute (access to Stage or loading external resources) or the code breaks conversion process (dynamically add/remove display objects during animation playback).

From now when such error happens we show a hint explaining why the error happened and how to solve it. So now you don't need to report an issue and wait for our technical examination to find a way to solve the problem. You can do it yourself using information from the hint.


Fixed bugs reported by users

We are carefully considering all the bugs that users report to us and each release contains fixes that solve the issues. This release is not an exception. We fixed all the bugs reported by users. Also we improved memory usage and applied a lot of other technical enhancement inside the converter.

That's it! We hope you'll find the new release helpful. And please let us know your feedback in the comments box below.

Have a nice day!
The GAF Team.