Hello GAF Users!

We have great news! Based on feedback from the community we've decided to simplify the rules governing the three license levels:

  1. The Free license level now has no usage restrictions!
  2. Additional seats for Studio\Enterprise licenses are now available for FREE!

standalone gaf converter to porting swf files into mobile


From now on the Free license has no usage restrictions! It can be used by any company or indie developer regardless of annual revenue or whether for commercial use or not. If you need only the basic functions of GAF, the Free license is all you need to start development of your products with GAF!

When you buy the Studio or Enterprise license you will also get additional seats for FREE. This means that the acquired license can be used by all members of most development teams. The Studio license includes 10 free seats and the Enterprise license includes 50 free seats. This apply to new as well as current customers. Here is How to add seats/users to the license. Here is How to add seats/users to the license.

Have a nice day!
GAF Team.