It's been an eventful year since the initial launch of the GAF converter. We would like to thank all our GAF users who have been part of the GAF community and contributed to its development.

GAF has greatly evolved over the last year. What started as a web based solution with a few libraries has now expanded into an integrated solution comprising standalone and web versions of the converter, plug-ins for Unity and Adobe Flash Pro, and playback libraries for Cocos2d-x and Starling. 

We have also significantly improved speed and stability of the converter core. The conversion speed is now 10 times faster than a year ago.


During the year our users supplied us with a diverse array of animations which allowed us to detect and eliminate technology bottlenecks. This has brought us even closer to the point of what you see in Flash is what you get in GAF.

Since the first release, we realized the necessity for the standalone version of converter. Not only have we managed to create a world class standalone version but we have also kept up with development of the web based converter. The functionality of web converter is equal to the standalone version.
However, the most significant update we have implemented for GAF is Nesting. Nesting mode is the cornerstone for further development of GAF. It is the foundation for implementing the ability to convert UI and sounds and this will make GAF a universal solution.
In order to convey the evolution of GAF over the last year we have created a GAF Milesones chart. Click on a specific milestone to read more about it.


GAF Converter for Web Cocos2d-x playback library for GAF Cocos2d library for GAF GAF:Flash to Unity plug-in GAF Standalone Converter GAF Support for Cocos2d-x v.3 Redesigned GAF Converter Engine