GAF porting flash to unity

Update for GAF: Flash to Unity (Free and Pro versions)!

Version 5.1:
1) A lot of optimizations (up to x3 FPS improvement) 
2) States caching (on asset and movieclip level) will increase your FPS but increase RAM consumption too (be careful with this option) 
3) New Unity GAF Converter features (Extract Sounds, Add custom images into a Texture Atlas, Allow region rotation). More info can be found here: and here:
4) Dispatch events\triggers support 
5) Fixed issue with Unity3d v5.x support  
6) A lot of fixes for Nesting mode 
7) New sections in GAF dropdown menu (Documentation, Contact us) 
8) WinPhone support 
9) A lot of other important fixes


Before importing this version, please delete the previous one in your project!
Also, you will need to recreate (NOT RECONVERT) your animation game objects. Our code optimizations make this necessary.

Hope you will love it because this version is really fast and furious! 

Have a nice day!
GAF Team.