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GAF Converter Version 4.5

Hello GAF Users!

gaf swf files convert to mobile

GAF Converter Version 4.5 is released. In this release we fixed following bugs:

- fixed freezing of the converter during conversion of some SWF files;

- fixed wrong conversion of the raster graphics that appears in some cases;

- fixed alpha issue that appears when used Color Effect/Advanced in Flash Pro;

- removed extra pixel from regions that appears in some cases.

Have a nice day!
GAF Team.

GAF Licenses major update

Hello GAF Users!

We have great news! Based on feedback from the community we've decided to simplify the rules governing the three license levels:

  1. The Free license level now has no usage restrictions!
  2. Additional seats for Studio\Enterprise licenses are now available for FREE!

standalone gaf converter to porting swf files into mobile

GAF Converter Version 4.4

Hello GAF Users!

converter GAF provides porting flash to mobileGAF Converter Version 4.4 is released. 

The new features are:

1. A rectangular shape with solid color fill is packed in a texture atlas as 1 pixel region;

2. Conversion setting "Force squared" now is working as expected;

New Update! GAF: Flash to Unity v4.0 (Free and Pro versions)

Update for GAF: Flash to Unity (Free and Pro versions)!

Version 4.0:
1) Nesting support.
2) Unity 5 support.
3) Unity 5 WebGL support.
4) iOS x64 support.
5) New Unity GAF Converter settings (conversion mode, debug & optimization).
6) XML documentation for methods (from GAF assembly).
7) Stencil buffer correct usage.
8) Bugs fixes.

Before importing this version, please delete the previous one in your project!
Also, you will need to recreate (NOT RECONVERT) your animation game objects.
This (4.0) version doesn't support WinPhone. We are working to support it in the future versions. 

Hope you will love it! Also, we are working now on Windows Phone support and optimizations, so watch for our updates.

Have a nice day!
GAF Team.

GAF Converter Version 4.3

Hello GAF Users!

GAF Converter Version 4.3 is released. 

The new features are:

1. Events (Event and DataEvent) are saved into gaf config in the conversion mode Plain (works like in conversion mode Nesting);

2. Improved algorithm of the atlas packing (the last atlas is minimized in case when the GAF Converter generates more than one atlas);

GAF Converter Version 4.2

Hello GAF Users!

GAF Converter Version 4.2 is released. In this release we fixed following bugs:

- fixed the bug in the algorithm that defines static parts and bakes them into the texture atlas;
- fixed the bug that appears in the process of a conversion SWF files with raster graphics.

Have a nice day!
GAF Team.

GAF Converter Version 4.1

Hello GAF Users!

Let us show you the new features of GAF Converter v.4.1:

1.Texture atlas compression.

2.More optimization during conversion for better performance during playback.

3.Multilingual Interface.


GAF Media Website update : Example Section

Hello GAF Users!

GAF Converter became a really powerful technology since the last year and now we are ready to provide you with an additional documentation, tutorials and help you to get started with GAF.

Today in our section #GAFupdates we want to show you the new section on our website.

GAF Milestones chart

It's been an eventful year since the initial launch of the GAF converter. We would like to thank all our GAF users who have been part of the GAF community and contributed to its development.

GAF has greatly evolved over the last year. What started as a web based solution with a few libraries has now expanded into an integrated solution comprising standalone and web versions of the converter, plug-ins for Unity and Adobe Flash Pro, and playback libraries for Cocos2d-x and Starling. 

We have also significantly improved speed and stability of the converter core. The conversion speed is now 10 times faster than a year ago.

GAF Pro: Flash to Unity

Hello GAF Users!

We are glad to introduce GAF Pro: Flash to Unity plug-in.

The plug-in features extended functionality and makes the process of working with GAF in Unity even more intuitive.


Features of GAF Pro: Flash to Unity version:

  • Integration with Unity3d animator

  • Extended animation customization and resource management