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GAF Converter 4.0: Nesting Conversion Mode

Hello GAF Fans!

This is one of the major updates of GAF Converter. Today we are releasing GAF Converter 4.0  with "nesting" conversion mode. We are excited to share the news with all of you! Try out the new Standalone GAF Converter 4.0! It is already available for download here.

GAF Converter Web Version Major Update!

Hello GAF Users!

Today we are announcing the release of the updated web version of GAF Converter.

This time we've focused on ensuring GAF Users have the most thorough and easy-to-use web based solution for porting Flash animations to mobile. Here are the changes that we have made.

GAF Converter Version 3.15 Released

Hello GAF Fans!

We are glad to be here and show you the updates of GAF Converter version 3.15.
The new features are:

GAF Publisher Extention for Flash Professional CC 2014

Hello GAF Users!

We have been working hard to make the conversion of flash animations even easier and we are launching GAF Publisher extention for Adobe Flash CC 2014.
Available on the Adobe Add-ons Store
Now you can convert animations directly in Flash CC and play them on any device. You don't need to learn how to use GAF. Simply create your animations as you have always done and save out to .GAF format. What you see in Adobe Flash will appear exactly the same after conversion into GAF.
To download and install GAF Publisher click here.

GAF Flash to Unity Plug-in Update!

Hello GAF Users,

It's been less than three weeks since the last update but we are ready to present you the new version of GAF: Flash to Unity plug-in.


GAF Converter 3.13, Enterprise Edition Functionality in the Preview Mode.

Hello, GAF Users, 

We have been waiting to present you the new version of GAF   Converter. From now on the Preview Mode will feature the   functionality of the Enterprise Edition of GAF Converter. The only   difference is that gaf files generated in the Preview Mode will   contain watermarks in a texture atlas.

Important! Automatic update function is not working in GAF Converter v.3.12. To update the converter up to the new version please choose "Check now" in Settings Dialog.

GAF Unity Plug-in v. 3.8 Released!

Hello GAF Users!

Today in our section #GAFupdates we are announcing the release of a new version of GAF Animation Player plug-in for Unity!

Version 3.8 includes new features and makes the conversion process more efficient.


GAF Converter Limitations

Hello GAF Users!

We have created GAF Converter to make the lives of game developers easier.

GAF Converter allows speeding up and increasing the quality of the game development process.

Yet this tool still has some limitations. In this article we would like to list these limitations and suggest possible ways of avoiding them.

GAF Converter Version 3.12 Released!

Hello GAF Users!

We are happy to proceed with our regular section #GAFupdates.

Today we are glad to announce the release of GAF 3.12 ! The new updated version is packed with features and performance updates.

The new features are:

  1. ​New UI for Settings Dialog
  2. "Save to:" setting has been moved from Working Area to Settings Dialog
  3. Conversion source
  4. Ability to open preview after a conversion
  5. CSF Name & Scale Name
  6. Limit max bake scale
  7. Ability to change a bundle name
  8. Increased conversion speed
  9. New preview mode with watermarks

The detailed information is below.

GAF: Flash to Unity plug-in became even better. Version 3.7.1 is released!

Hello GAF Users!

We are ready to present you the updated GAF Animation Player plug-in.

Convert your animation directly from Unity with no additional applications to install!