Hello GAF Fans! 

We are back with the #GAFupdates section.

This time we are proud to tell you that the new GAF Converter 3.8 has just been released!

The new version features multiple improvements and is groundbreaking in a way. 

The new version updates are:

  • Completely redesigned conversion engine which is laying the groundworks for expanding GAF Converter's capabilities which are to be added shortly
  • Significantly improved conversion of raster graphics.
  • Increased conversion speed.
  • "Report issue" option available directly from the application ( automatically appears in case of an unexpected error ). Only available for registered users.


  • Fixed pixelization issue (in cases of using raster image in several containers with scales different than 100%).
  • Fixed issue with Glow filter (when converter bakes it into a texture atlas for Scale and CSF different than 1).

Stay tuned and share your opinion about the new release!

Best regards,

GAF Team