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GAF Flash to Unity Plug-in Update!

Hello GAF Users,

It's been less than three weeks since the last update but we are ready to present you the new version of GAF: Flash to Unity plug-in.



Updates in GAF: Flash to Unity v 3.9:

  • Fixed rendering on mobile devices.
  • Improved interface of movie clip creation.
  • Unity converter interface improvement.
  • Bugs fixes.

GAF Converter 3.13, Enterprise Edition Functionality in the Preview Mode.

Hello, GAF Users, 

We have been waiting to present you the new version of GAF   Converter. From now on the Preview Mode will feature the   functionality of the Enterprise Edition of GAF Converter. The only   difference is that gaf files generated in the Preview Mode will   contain watermarks in a texture atlas.

Important! Automatic update function is not working in GAF Converter v.3.12. To update the converter up to the new version please choose "Check now" in Settings Dialog.


New features in version 3.13 :

  1. Fully functional Preview Mode with all Enterprise features available (only with watermarks in texture atlas) 

  2. We have added "Originally designed for" feature in Advanced mode for texture atlas Scale settings.  


    With Advanced Scale settings you can target the devices with different resolutions on Android, iOS and other platforms. To do so create an animation for one resolution (Scale: 1 CSF:1) and run GAF Converter with correctly set up Advanced Scale settings (for example Scale=1 and CSF= 1 and 2 for Retina and non-Retina devices).

    If you want to create an animation using raster graphics and you want to use it on both Retina and non-Retina devices you have to do the following:

    - create your animation in Flash for Retina resolution (for Scale=1 CSF=2). Because you are using raster graphics you have to create original animation for the highest resolution to avoid pixelation.

    - setup GAF Converter with the following Advanced Scale settings: Scale=1 CSF=1 and 2

    - setup "Originally designed for" with the following settings: Scale=1 CSF=2

    When the conversion is done you will see that GAF Converter has created two texture atlases for Retina (Scale=1 CSF=2) and non-Retina (Scale=1 CSF=1) resolutions. 

  3. We have added Alpha and Color Effect baking in texture atlas (works when Alpha and Color Effect are not changing during the animation). Now your converter animations will be even more optimized for playback in all GAF Libraries.

  4. We have added a check for "no animation inside" Movie Clip. This works when the Movie Clip contains more than one frame but all the inner content remains stationary. It allows GAF Converter to handle technical errors created by designers and animators more accurately. A filter applied to the Movie Clip instance with more than one frame but with static content inside will now be converted correctly. In the previous versions GAF Converter was skipping Filters in such cases. 

  5. Several improvements and bug fixes in GAF Player (added debug info in Frame Items panel, redesigned reverse playback, improved drag animation in working area, etc.).

  6. Other small fixes and general improvements in GAF Converter.

Have a nice day!
GAF Team.

GAF Converter Version 3.12 Released!

Hello GAF Users!

We are happy to proceed with our regular section #GAFupdates.

Today we are glad to announce the release of GAF 3.12 ! The new updated version is packed with features and performance updates.

The new features are:

  1. ​New UI for Settings Dialog
  2. "Save to:" setting has been moved from Working Area to Settings Dialog
  3. Conversion source
  4. Ability to open preview after a conversion
  5. CSF Name & Scale Name
  6. Limit max bake scale
  7. Ability to change a bundle name
  8. Increased conversion speed
  9. New preview mode with watermarks

The detailed information is below.

  1. We've developed a new UI for Settings Dialog to include all new features. New UI consists of the collapsible panels. Each panel contains settings grouped by purpose. Here you can find already familiar settings as well as new ones. You can read about all the developed features below.​

  2. We moved "Save to:" setting from Working Area to Settings Dialog. This is caused by the fact that this setting is rarely used. 

  3. Conversion source.
    Now you can create more than one animation inside one SWF file.

    Just export for ActionScript all MovieClips in Library (create a linkage).

    In GAF-Converter Settings Dialog select Conversion source: Library (MovieClips exported for ActionScript).

    There will be several animations and one texture atlas in the conversion output.

    You can get the same result if you put each animation in a separate SWF file and convert them in a bundle. But with this option it can be done much more easy. You can continue to create and convert animations in an old way, creating them on Main Timeline. To convert animations from Main Timeline select Conversion source: Main Timeline. Also it is possible to use both conversion sources. 

    This feature is available only for Studio and Enterprise licenses.

  4. Open preview after a conversion
    When you don't want GAF-Converter to open the preview right away after the conversion - just deselect the checkbox. By default this feature is turned on.

    This feature is available for Indie, Studio and Enterprise licenses (all paid licenses).

  5. CSF Name & Scale Name.

    In Advanced mode you can manually set different Scale and CSF values. The atlas name was always generated automatically without any control from the developer’s side.However now you can control the names of the atlases for different Scale and CSF values. Just set up the name in the field below the value.

    And after the conversion, the names of the atlases will be set this way: SWFName_ScaleName_CSF Name.png

    If you don't want to use this feature - leave name fields empty. GAF Converter will generate atlas names automatically as it did before. 

    This feature is available only for Studio and Enterprise licenses.

  6. Limit max bake scale.

    Example: you have created some animation with black solid fill background. Your background is let's say 1024x768 px. When you convert your animation you will see that one of the regions in the texture atlas are black rectangle with dimensions 1024x768 px. But you don't want it to be so big in the atlas. You want to save it in a smaller size in the texture atlas and stretch at playback. This is where the Limit max bake scale will be handy.

    Create MovieClip with a small rectangular shape inside, for example 20x20px. Use it in your animation by placing an instance inside and stretch it to the required dimensions, for example 1024x768px. Turn on Limit max bake scale checkbox and set value 1 in the field near it. Convert the animation and you will see that this shape will be baked with dimensions 20x20px into the texture atlas. If you turn off this option - shape will be baked with dimensions 1024x768px.

    (colored squares are the same size in the original texture atlases)

    Please note that Limit max bake scale affects all MovieClips that are used in upscaled dimensions and you should be careful when using this option. 

    This feature is available only for Studio and Enterprise licenses.

  7. Bundle name.
    When you are converting several SWF files in a bundle the bundle name is generated automatically by GAF Converter. This is not always convenient. Now you can control the name of the bundle by setting it before the conversion in "Choose action" dialog.

    When you set a custom bundle name it will be used every time you convert the bundle. To switch back on an auto generated bundle name - just clear custom bundle name.

  8. Increased conversion speed up to 50% (increased conversion fps to 120)

  9. Preview Mode from 3.12 version saves converted gaf files on a filesystem. So you can look at the conversion result not only in GAF Converter preview. The only difference between Preview Mode and Logged Mode is the watermark in a texture atlas.

Have a nice day!

GAF Team.

GAF Media Web-site UI Updated.

Hello GAF Users,

Recently, User Interface of GAF Media web-site has been updated. We have added a single page where you will be able to edit, view and interact with all your data.


Logged-in users will now have a My Account tab in the header of GAF Media web-site.





My Account page encompases:

  • Profile
  • Licenses
  • Projects
  • Reported Issues


You can now easily access all the information about your activities from just one page.


GAF Team hopes you will like the updates. Feel free to share your feedback in the comments.

Best regards,

GAF Team

GAF Converter 3.9 Released!

Hello GAF Users!    

We are here with the #GAFupdates section. 

Our conversion tool has become even better and we are glad to present you the new updated GAF Converter 3.9. 

GAF Teams is constantly working on improving the process of porting Flash animations to various development platforms and making it as easy and smooth as possible.

The new in GAF Converter version 3.9 :

  • Fixed conversion error (for animations containing complex shape tween).
  • Fixed issue "conversion starts not from first frame".
  • Fixed mechanism of static parts baking (reduced regions number and texture atlas size in some cases).

Update now and feel free to share your feedback on the new version.

Best regards,

GAF Team 


Temporary Log-in Error Fixed

Dear GAF Users!

Starting from July 3rd all the newly registered users could not work with the converter due to the issue with the license assign mechanism.

Now the issue is fixed and all who’ve faced it just need to log in to the site once again.

GAF Team would like to apologize for the temporary inconvenience and thank you for keeping in touch with us!

Best regards,

GAF Team