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GAF Converter 3.13, Enterprise Edition Functionality in the Preview Mode.

Hello, GAF Users, 

We have been waiting to present you the new version of GAF   Converter. From now on the Preview Mode will feature the   functionality of the Enterprise Edition of GAF Converter. The only   difference is that gaf files generated in the Preview Mode will   contain watermarks in a texture atlas.

Important! Automatic update function is not working in GAF Converter v.3.12. To update the converter up to the new version please choose "Check now" in Settings Dialog.


New features in version 3.13 :

  1. Fully functional Preview Mode with all Enterprise features available (only with watermarks in texture atlas) 

  2. We have added "Originally designed for" feature in Advanced mode for texture atlas Scale settings.  


    With Advanced Scale settings you can target the devices with different resolutions on Android, iOS and other platforms. To do so create an animation for one resolution (Scale: 1 CSF:1) and run GAF Converter with correctly set up Advanced Scale settings (for example Scale=1 and CSF= 1 and 2 for Retina and non-Retina devices).

    If you want to create an animation using raster graphics and you want to use it on both Retina and non-Retina devices you have to do the following:

    - create your animation in Flash for Retina resolution (for Scale=1 CSF=2). Because you are using raster graphics you have to create original animation for the highest resolution to avoid pixelation.

    - setup GAF Converter with the following Advanced Scale settings: Scale=1 CSF=1 and 2

    - setup "Originally designed for" with the following settings: Scale=1 CSF=2

    When the conversion is done you will see that GAF Converter has created two texture atlases for Retina (Scale=1 CSF=2) and non-Retina (Scale=1 CSF=1) resolutions. 

  3. We have added Alpha and Color Effect baking in texture atlas (works when Alpha and Color Effect are not changing during the animation). Now your converter animations will be even more optimized for playback in all GAF Libraries.

  4. We have added a check for "no animation inside" Movie Clip. This works when the Movie Clip contains more than one frame but all the inner content remains stationary. It allows GAF Converter to handle technical errors created by designers and animators more accurately. A filter applied to the Movie Clip instance with more than one frame but with static content inside will now be converted correctly. In the previous versions GAF Converter was skipping Filters in such cases. 

  5. Several improvements and bug fixes in GAF Player (added debug info in Frame Items panel, redesigned reverse playback, improved drag animation in working area, etc.).

  6. Other small fixes and general improvements in GAF Converter.

Have a nice day!
GAF Team.

GAF Unity Plug-in v. 3.8 Released!

Hello GAF Users!

Today in our section #GAFupdates we are announcing the release of a new version of GAF Animation Player plug-in for Unity!

Version 3.8 includes new features and makes the conversion process more efficient.



New features in GAF Animation Player plug-in for Unity:

  • ability to bake all animation parts into a single mesh;
  • additional optimization for dynamic batching;

and multiple bug fixes.

Download the new GAF: Flash to Unity plug-in from the Unity Asset Store.

Best regards, 

GAF Team!

GAF Converter 3.11 Released!

Hello, GAF Users!

It's been more than two weeks since our last update and GAF Media team is finally back with another feature-packed update - GAF Converter 3.11.

For the complete details read on our GAFupdates post.


New features in GAF Converter 3.11: 

  • Support for atlases with 4096x4096 size
  • Pivot point and animation bounds displayed in the animation player
  • Reverse playback button added in the played
  • Scale value accurate to the thousandth place

We hope you will find these updates useful as you test them out. In the meantime, be sure to visit our forum and leave your comments or suggest new improvements.

Best regards,

GAF Team

GAF Media Web-site UI Updated.

Hello GAF Users,

Recently, User Interface of GAF Media web-site has been updated. We have added a single page where you will be able to edit, view and interact with all your data.


Logged-in users will now have a My Account tab in the header of GAF Media web-site.





My Account page encompases:

  • Profile
  • Licenses
  • Projects
  • Reported Issues


You can now easily access all the information about your activities from just one page.


GAF Team hopes you will like the updates. Feel free to share your feedback in the comments.

Best regards,

GAF Team

GAF Converter 3.10 Released!

Hello GAF Users!

We are glad to announce another series of #GAFupdates. 

The new release of GAF Converter 3.10 features multiple bug fixes thus provides an even more efficient animations' conversion.

Your posts on GAF Media Forum really help us detect the shortcomings, so keep it up.

GAF Converter 3.10 updates:

  • Fixed conversion error (in animations with shape tween and radial gradient).
  • Fixed 1px clipping in texture atlas regions (in some rare cases).
  • Fixed margin issue in texture atlas that sometimes causes artifacts in playback (1px lines in unexpected places).
  • Other small fixes and general improvements.

Don't forget to leave you comments about the new version and suggest more improvements.

Best regards,

GAF Team

GAF Media blog is on!

Hello, GAF Fans!

Over the last couple months we have been swamped with improving GAF, creating a standalone application and updating playback libraries and plug-ins.

And now we are finally launching the official GAF Media blog.


There is still much to be done but now all the improvements, updates and fixes will be announced in our blog.

Besides for release announcements, the blog will also contain best practices for using GAF Converter and implementing GAF into your development process.

We are really excited to grow and evolve GAF and we want to take part in evolving 2D games and take them to the next level.

Join us and subscribe for GAF Media blog!

Best wishes,

GAF Team!