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GAF Media Website update : Example Section

Hello GAF Users!

GAF Converter became a really powerful technology since the last year and now we are ready to provide you with an additional documentation, tutorials and help you to get started with GAF.

Today in our section #GAFupdates we want to show you the new section on our website.


Example section  is a web page with a list of some examples of creating games with different GAF features. By clicking on the particular example you can find a video tutorial and get the sources and information about creating the example game, using some features of GAF.

Now you can find the first sample here: Casino slot machine ("nesting" mode, sequences, etc) .

Have a nice day!
GAF Team.

GAF Publisher Extention for Flash Professional CC 2014

Hello GAF Users!

We have been working hard to make the conversion of flash animations even easier and we are launching GAF Publisher extention for Adobe Flash CC 2014.
Available on the Adobe Add-ons Store
Now you can convert animations directly in Flash CC and play them on any device. You don't need to learn how to use GAF. Simply create your animations as you have always done and save out to .GAF format. What you see in Adobe Flash will appear exactly the same after conversion into GAF.
To download and install GAF Publisher click here.


After the installation:

  • Launch Adobe Flash CC 2014 and you will see a new option 'GAF Publisher (Custom)' 
  • Select the 'GAF Publisher (Custom)' option and a new GAF Publisher document will be created.
  • Draw and animate something on the stage. 
  • Go to File->Publish Settings.
  • Configure your publish settings - you will be asked to create a free account with Or you can click on the 'OK' button but your animation will contain the watermarks.
  • Once your free account is created, you can select Publish.
  • After publishing is complete, you'll see the animation player window.
  • Pressing Control (or CMD on Mac)+Enter will cause your animation to be published to SWF only and played on the screen. 

GAF Publisher help:

Have a nice day!
GAF Team.

GAF Converter 3.13, Enterprise Edition Functionality in the Preview Mode.

Hello, GAF Users, 

We have been waiting to present you the new version of GAF   Converter. From now on the Preview Mode will feature the   functionality of the Enterprise Edition of GAF Converter. The only   difference is that gaf files generated in the Preview Mode will   contain watermarks in a texture atlas.

Important! Automatic update function is not working in GAF Converter v.3.12. To update the converter up to the new version please choose "Check now" in Settings Dialog.


New features in version 3.13 :

  1. Fully functional Preview Mode with all Enterprise features available (only with watermarks in texture atlas) 

  2. We have added "Originally designed for" feature in Advanced mode for texture atlas Scale settings.  


    With Advanced Scale settings you can target the devices with different resolutions on Android, iOS and other platforms. To do so create an animation for one resolution (Scale: 1 CSF:1) and run GAF Converter with correctly set up Advanced Scale settings (for example Scale=1 and CSF= 1 and 2 for Retina and non-Retina devices).

    If you want to create an animation using raster graphics and you want to use it on both Retina and non-Retina devices you have to do the following:

    - create your animation in Flash for Retina resolution (for Scale=1 CSF=2). Because you are using raster graphics you have to create original animation for the highest resolution to avoid pixelation.

    - setup GAF Converter with the following Advanced Scale settings: Scale=1 CSF=1 and 2

    - setup "Originally designed for" with the following settings: Scale=1 CSF=2

    When the conversion is done you will see that GAF Converter has created two texture atlases for Retina (Scale=1 CSF=2) and non-Retina (Scale=1 CSF=1) resolutions. 

  3. We have added Alpha and Color Effect baking in texture atlas (works when Alpha and Color Effect are not changing during the animation). Now your converter animations will be even more optimized for playback in all GAF Libraries.

  4. We have added a check for "no animation inside" Movie Clip. This works when the Movie Clip contains more than one frame but all the inner content remains stationary. It allows GAF Converter to handle technical errors created by designers and animators more accurately. A filter applied to the Movie Clip instance with more than one frame but with static content inside will now be converted correctly. In the previous versions GAF Converter was skipping Filters in such cases. 

  5. Several improvements and bug fixes in GAF Player (added debug info in Frame Items panel, redesigned reverse playback, improved drag animation in working area, etc.).

  6. Other small fixes and general improvements in GAF Converter.

Have a nice day!
GAF Team.

GAF: Flash to Unity plug-in became even better. Version 3.7.1 is released!

Hello GAF Users!

We are ready to present you the updated GAF Animation Player plug-in.

Convert your animation directly from Unity with no additional applications to install!


Just place your SWF files into your project’s Asset folder and the converter window with the animations list will appear.

You can as well use drag and drop to upload SWF files into the Converter window. To open the Converter window click the Converter item in the GAF menu.


GAF Unity Converter contains all the settings of the GAF Standalone Converter! And even more than that! When the conversion is done you can create the prefabs of all the converted animations (CREATE PREFABS button) or add them to the scene (ADD TO SCENE button):

Here is the link to GAF Animation Plug - in .
You are welcome with any questions.
Feel free to share your feedback.

GAF Team.