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Greatly improve development schedule in getting your mobile games to market. Convert your Flash animations with the GAF Converter to the Generic Animation Format and achieve high performance multi mobile platform playback. If your game animations are first created in Flash, GAF is right for you!

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Full Animation Support

The GAF Converter supports the full capability of Flash. Support includes rendering of vector graphics and shape tweens, filters and masks support, frame labels and much more.

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Playback libraries

We have developed high-performance, flexible and reliable runtimes which turn GAF animations into fully featured game objects supporting all features of the game engine you’re using. Full playback API supported in Cocos2d-x, Cocos2d, Unity, Marmalade and Starling.

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Tim Closs, CTO Touch Surgery and co-author of Marmalade SDK
Developers looking to take their games across browser and mobile platforms still face huge portability challenges. The power and ubiquity of Flash makes it a natural choice for the browser, but until now it has been almost impossible to use Flash assets efficiently within mobile games. GAF changes all of that, allowing Flash creatives to re-use their work across a multitude of platforms without loss of quality or performance.



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