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Converter Errors Explanation

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Converter Errors Explanation

Postby Sergei Sorokin » March 11th, 2014, 4:31 am

List of common converter errors:

AS2 is not supported
SWF files created for the earlier version of AVM are not supported. For the correct conversion an swf file must be created for AS3.

no animation end
It means an animation on a main timeline can't be finished. The main reason is a script in the animation pausing the main timeline.
Please make sure the animation is played to the end in Flash Player.

no animation on main timeline
There are no objects on the main timeline.

AS3 error
Please make sure that the flash animation is played without any runtime errors. Also there are must be no scripts referring to stage in the animation.

If you have any questions about converter errors and how to fix it feel free to ask here or you can report any animation using web-interface.
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