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How reskin to another textures?

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How reskin to another textures?

Postby mishok043 » October 10th, 2016, 10:59 am

How I can reskin some parts of a flash-objects to another textures (for example, for an armed skin)?
I have read that for this I can use a function GAFAsset::getCustomRegion(name), but after I get a new texture, how can I set it for some part of an animation?
Thank you for helping.
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Re: How reskin to another textures?

Postby Jonathan Reis » November 17th, 2016, 4:28 am

In the old version I did like this:
But now it does not work anymore, if you can solve it, please come back here and post the code.

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    p_GAF_Corpo = GAFEngine::getInstance()->getAsset()->createObjectAndRun();
    addChild(p_GAF_Corpo, 1, "GAF");
    ChangeSprites("ANIM_CABECA", "DOG_3_CABECA");
    ChangeSprites("ANIM_TRONCO", "DOG_3_TRONCO");
    ChangeSprites("ANIM_PE_DIR", "PEGRANDE_PE_DIR");
    ChangeSprites("ANIM_PE_ESQ", "PEGRANDE_PE_ESQ");

void Hero::ChangeSprites(const char * original, const char * novo)
    //Trocando Sprites dinamicamente:
    unsigned int _EXISTENTE_ID = p_GAF_Corpo->objectIdByObjectName(original);
    unsigned int _NOVO_ID = p_GAF_Corpo->objectIdByObjectName(novo);
    if ((_EXISTENTE_ID != IDNONE) && (_NOVO_ID != IDNONE)) {
        auto _EXISTENTE = p_GAF_Corpo->subObjectForInnerObjectId(_EXISTENTE_ID);
        auto _NOVO = p_GAF_Corpo->subObjectForInnerObjectId(_NOVO_ID);
        auto spriteFrame = _NOVO->getSpriteFrame();
        auto sprite = Sprite::createWithSpriteFrame(spriteFrame);
        sprite->setAnchorPoint( _NOVO->getAnchorPoint() );
        sprite->setPosition(_EXISTENTE->getContentSize().width / 2, _EXISTENTE->getContentSize().height / 2);
    } else {
        CCLOG("===> I did not find it!");
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Re: How reskin to another textures?

Postby Dmitry Bushtets » November 17th, 2016, 7:54 am

Hello guys!

Sorry for late response. In fact we didn't support changing inner parts of animation in GAF5. You can try to add some different animations to keyframes and switch by
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between them.

@Jonathan Reis
You can try
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instead two methods
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objectIdByObjectName && subObjectForInnerObjectId
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