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GAFSpriteWithAlpha Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for GAFSpriteWithAlpha:

Public Member Functions

virtual void setUniformsForFragmentShader ()
virtual bool initWithTexture (cocos2d::Texture2D *pTexture, const cocos2d::Rect &rect, bool rotated)
cocos2d::GLProgram * programForShader ()
void setColorTransform (const GLfloat *mults, const GLfloat *offsets)
const GLfloat * getColorTransform () const
void setColorTransform (const GLfloat *colorTransform)
void setColorMarixFilterData (GAFColorColorMatrixFilterData *data)
void setGlowFilterData (GAFGlowFilterData *data)
void setBlurFilterData (GAFBlurFilterData *data)
cocos2d::Texture2D * getInitialTexture () const
const cocos2d::Rect & getInitialTextureRect () const
bool isCTXIdentity () const
virtual void draw (cocos2d::Renderer *renderer, const cocos2d::Mat4 &transform, bool transformUpdated) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from GAFSprite
void setExternaTransform (const cocos2d::AffineTransform &transform)
void setChildTransform (const cocos2d::AffineTransform &transform)
const cocos2d::AffineTransform & childTransform () const
const cocos2d::AffineTransform & getExternalTransform () const
void setLocator (bool locator)
void setAtlasScale (float scale)
virtual const cocos2d::Mat4 & getNodeToParentTransform () const override
cocos2d::AffineTransform getNodeToParentAffineTransform () const
void setTexture (cocos2d::Texture2D *texture)
bool initWithTexture (cocos2d::Texture2D *pTexture, const cocos2d::Rect &rect, bool rotated)
virtual bool initWithSpriteFrame (cocos2d::SpriteFrame *spriteFrame)

Protected Member Functions

void updateTextureWithEffects ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from GAFSprite
void invalidateTransformCache ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from GAFSprite
unsigned int objectIdRef
- Protected Attributes inherited from GAFSprite
cocos2d::AffineTransform m_externalTransform
cocos2d::AffineTransform m_childTransform

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