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GAF Cocos2d-x Library


GAF stands for "Generic Animation Format". GAF is designed to store Flash animations in an open cross platform format and play it back in a multitude of different frameworks - including Starling! A while ago, we decided to port our popular Facebook social game to iOS. We faced a simple yet tough to solve problem. The game included more than 4000 unique flash animations. There were no online solutions able to convert these Flash animations into a size-effective format and at the same time offer a high performance playback. Converting into frame sequences was not an option because full code control over animations and the resulting file's size were crucial. But even more important was the fact that our developers needed a reliable tool to continue using Flash CS as animation editor and Starling as their game dev framework without any limitations. This is how GAF Converter was born.

Main Features:

Support for nesting without any limitations
Shape tweens conversion
Animated masks support
Blur, Glow, Drop Shadow, Colour Adjust filters supported

Unique Features:

All visually identical symbols inside the swf are changed into a single sprite.
Symbols forming a static object are joined into one single static sprite.
When forming texture atlas scales of symbols are taken into account. Spites saved are never larger than needed for the playback. Texture atlas is highly optimized.
Animations can be saved into a bundle. Texture atlas will be shared between animations saving a lot of disk space.
HD version of texture atlas is automatically created.

For more information regarding GAF, please visit our web site