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Generic Animation Format
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GAFStream Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 GAFStream (GAFFile *input)
void readNBytesOfT (void *dest, unsigned int)
bool readBool ()
unsigned int readUint (unsigned short bitcount)
int readSint (unsigned short bitcount)
float readFixed ()
float readFixed8 ()
float readFloat ()
unsigned char readUByte ()
char readSByte ()
unsigned char readU8 ()
char readS8 ()
unsigned short readU16 ()
unsigned int readU32 ()
int readS32 ()
void readString (std::string *out)
GAFFilegetInput () const
Tags::Enum openTag ()
void closeTag ()
unsigned int getTagLenghtOnStackTop () const
unsigned int getTagExpectedPosition () const
unsigned int getPosition () const
void align ()
bool isEndOfStream () const

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