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GAFAnimation Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for GAFAnimation:

Public Member Functions

bool init (GAFAsset *anAnimationData)
virtual void processAnimation ()
virtual void start ()
virtual void pause ()
virtual void resume ()
virtual void stop ()
virtual void step ()
bool isDone () const
bool isAnimationRunning () const
bool isLooped () const
void setLooped (bool looped)
int totalFrameCount () const
int currentFrameIndex () const
bool setFrame (int index)
bool gotoAndStop (const char *frameLabel)
 Plays specified frame and then stops.
bool gotoAndStop (int frameNumber)
bool gotoAndPlay (const char *frameLabel)
 Plays animation from specified frame.
bool gotoAndPlay (int frameNumber)
int getStartFrame (const char *frameLabel)
int getEndFrame (const char *frameLabel)
bool playSequence (const char *name, bool looped=false, bool resume=true, AnimSetSequenceHint hint=ASSH_RESTART)
void clearSequence ()
void setSequenceDelegate (GAFSequenceDelegate *delegate)
bool hasSequences () const

Protected Attributes

int _currentFrameIndex

Member Function Documentation

bool GAFAnimation::isDone ( ) const
true if the animation is finished, otherwise NO
bool GAFAnimation::playSequence ( const char *  name,
bool  looped = false,
bool  resume = true,
AnimSetSequenceHint  hint = ASSH_RESTART 

Plays animation sequence with specified name

namea sequence name
loopedif true - sequence should play in cycle
resumeif true - animation will be played immediately, if false - playback will be paused after the first frame is shown
hintspecific animation playback parameters
void GAFAnimation::setSequenceDelegate ( GAFSequenceDelegate delegate)
do not forget to call setSequenceDelegate(NULL) before deleting your subscriber

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