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GAFAsset Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for GAFAsset:

Public Member Functions

bool initWithImageData (const std::string &jsonPath)
int animationFramesCount () const
 total number of frames in animation
GAFTextureAtlastextureAtlas ()
CCDictionary * objects ()
 Dictionary of objects [ObjectId -> AtlasElementName].
CCDictionary * masks ()
 Dictionary of masks [MaskId -> AtlasElementName].
CCDictionary * namedParts ()
 Dictionary of masks [MaskId -> AtlasElementName].
CCDictionary * animationSequences ()
 List of GAFAnimationSequences objects.
GAFAnimationSequencegetSequence (const char *name)
 get GAFAnimationSequence by name specified in editor
CCDictionary * getSequences () const
 get all of the sequences
GAFAnimationSequencegetSequenceByLastFrame (int frame)
 get GAFAnimationSequence by last frame number in sequence
CCArray * animationFrames ()
 List of GAFAnimationFrame objects.
GAFAnimatedObjectcreateObject ()
GAFAnimatedObjectcreateObjectAndRun (bool looped=false)
float usedAtlasContentScaleFactor () const
 used content scale factor

Static Public Member Functions

static GAFAssetcreate (const std::string &jsonPath)
 Initializes asset with JSON data.
static bool isAssetVersionPlayable (const char *version)
static int desiredCsf ()
 desired content scale factor
static void setDesiredCsf (int csf)
 sets desired content scale factor

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