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GAFAsset Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

bool initWithGAFFile (const std::string &filePath, GAFTextureLoadDelegate *delegate=NULL)
 Initializes asset with bGAF data.
void pushTextureAtlas (GAFTextureAtlas *atlas)
void pushAnimationMask (unsigned int objectId, unsigned int elementAtlasIdRef)
void pushAnimationObjects (unsigned int objectId, unsigned int elementAtlasIdRef)
void pushAnimationFrame (GAFAnimationFrame *frame)
void pushAnimationSequence (const std::string nameId, int start, int end)
void pushNamedPart (unsigned int objectIdRef, const std::string &name)
void setHeader (GAFHeader &h)
const GAFHeadergetHeader () const
const AnimationObjects_t & getAnimationObjects () const
const AnimationMasks_t & getAnimationMasks () const
const AnimationFrames_t & getAnimationFrames () const
const NamedParts_t & getNamedParts () const
const AnimationSequences_t & getAnimationSequences () const
 get all of the sequences
int animationFramesCount () const
 total number of frames in animation
GAFTextureAtlastextureAtlas ()
const GAFAnimationSequencegetSequence (const std::string &name) const
 get GAFAnimationSequence by name specified in editor
const GAFAnimationSequencegetSequenceByLastFrame (int frame) const
 get GAFAnimationSequence by last frame number in sequence
const GAFAnimationSequencegetSequenceByFirstFrame (int frame) const
 get GAFAnimationSequence by first frame number in sequence
GAFAnimatedObjectcreateObject ()
GAFAnimatedObjectcreateObjectAndRun (bool looped=false)
float usedAtlasContentScaleFactor () const
 used content scale factor
void setTextureLoadDelegate (GAFTextureLoadDelegate *delegate)
const unsigned int getSceneFps () const
const unsigned int getSceneWidth () const
const unsigned int getSceneHeight () const
const cocos2d::Color4B & getSceneColor () const
void setSceneFps (unsigned int)
void setSceneWidth (unsigned int)
void setSceneHeight (unsigned int)
void setSceneColor (const cocos2d::Color4B &)

Static Public Member Functions

static GAFAssetcreate (const std::string &gafFilePath, GAFTextureLoadDelegate *delegate=NULL)
static bool isAssetVersionPlayable (const char *version)
 List of GAFAnimationFrame objects.
static float desiredCsf ()
 desired content scale factor
static void setDesiredCsf (float csf)
 sets desired content scale factor

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