GAF  4.0
General animation format player for Unity
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GAF.Objects.GAFBakedObject Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for GAF.Objects.GAFBakedObject:

Public Member Functions

void addController ()
 Add controller to current object. More...
bool hasController ()
 Returns true if current object has controller. More...
void removeController ()
 Remove controller from current object. More...
override void reload ()
 Reset object state and create non-serialized data. More...
override void updateToState (GAFObjectStateData _State, bool _Refresh)
 Update object to desired state. More...

Private Attributes

GAFBakedObjectController m_Controller = null

Member Function Documentation

void GAF.Objects.GAFBakedObject.addController ( )

Add controller to current object.

bool GAF.Objects.GAFBakedObject.hasController ( )

Returns true if current object has controller.

override void GAF.Objects.GAFBakedObject.reload ( )

Reset object state and create non-serialized data.

void GAF.Objects.GAFBakedObject.removeController ( )

Remove controller from current object.

override void GAF.Objects.GAFBakedObject.updateToState ( GAFObjectStateData  _State,
bool  _Refresh 

Update object to desired state.

_StateState data.
_RefreshForce refresh state.

Member Data Documentation

GAFBakedObjectController GAF.Objects.GAFBakedObject.m_Controller = null

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