GAF  4.0
General animation format player for Unity
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GAF.Objects.GAFBakedObjectController Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for GAF.Objects.GAFBakedObjectController:

Public Member Functions

void init (GAFBakedObject _Object)
 Initialize controller data. More...
void updateToState (Mesh _Mesh, Material _Material)
 Update current object More...


GAFBakedObject bakedObject [get, private set]
 Object associated with current controller. More...
new MeshCollider collider [get]

Private Attributes

MeshCollider m_Collider = null

Member Function Documentation

void GAF.Objects.GAFBakedObjectController.init ( GAFBakedObject  _Object)

Initialize controller data.

_ObjectObject associated with current controller.
void GAF.Objects.GAFBakedObjectController.updateToState ( Mesh  _Mesh,
Material  _Material 

Update current object


Member Data Documentation

MeshCollider GAF.Objects.GAFBakedObjectController.m_Collider = null

Property Documentation

GAFBakedObject GAF.Objects.GAFBakedObjectController.bakedObject
getprivate set

Object associated with current controller.

new MeshCollider GAF.Objects.GAFBakedObjectController.collider

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