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CAnimationSequence — class, package com.catalystapps.gaf.data.config
Data object that describe sequence
changeTexture(newTexture:com.catalystapps.gaf.display:IGAFTexture) — method, class com.catalystapps.gaf.display.GAFImage
Change the texture of the GAFImage to a new one.
clearSequence() — method, class com.catalystapps.gaf.display.GAFMovieClip
Clear playing sequence.
clone() — method, interface com.catalystapps.gaf.display.IGAFTexture
Returns a new object that is a clone of this object.
com.catalystapps.gaf.core — package
com.catalystapps.gaf.data — package
com.catalystapps.gaf.data.config — package
com.catalystapps.gaf.display — package
com.catalystapps.gaf.sound — package
complete — Event, class com.catalystapps.gaf.core.ZipToGAFAssetConverter
Dispatched when convertation completed
complete — Event, class com.catalystapps.gaf.display.GAFMovieClip
Dispatched whenever the movie has displayed its last frame.
CONTENT_ALL — Constant Static Property, class com.catalystapps.gaf.data.GAFTimeline
CONTENT_DEFAULT — Constant Static Property, class com.catalystapps.gaf.data.GAFTimeline
contentScaleFactor — Property, class com.catalystapps.gaf.data.GAFTimeline
Texture atlas content scale factor (csf) that will be used for GAFMovieClip creation.
CONTENT_SPECIFY — Constant Static Property, class com.catalystapps.gaf.data.GAFTimeline
convert(data:any, defaultScale:Number, defaultContentScaleFactor:Number) — method, class com.catalystapps.gaf.core.ZipToGAFAssetConverter
Converts GAF file (zip) into GAFTimeline or GAFBundle depending on file content.
copy() — method, class com.catalystapps.gaf.display.GAFImage
Creates a new instance of GAFImage.
copy() — method, class com.catalystapps.gaf.display.GAFMovieClip
Creates a new instance of GAFMovieClip.
copy() — method, class com.catalystapps.gaf.display.GAFTextField
Creates a new instance of GAFTextField.
copyFrom(newTexture:com.catalystapps.gaf.display:IGAFTexture) — method, interface com.catalystapps.gaf.display.IGAFTexture
Copies all of the data from the source object into the calling IGAFTexture object
createTexture(scale:Number, csf:Number, imageID:String) — method, class com.catalystapps.gaf.data.GAFGFXData
Creates texture from specified image.
createTextures(scale:Number, csf:Number) — method, class com.catalystapps.gaf.data.GAFGFXData
Creates textures from all images for specified scale and csf.
currentFrame — Property, class com.catalystapps.gaf.display.GAFMovieClip
Specifies the number of the frame in which the playhead is located in the timeline of the GAFMovieClip instance.
currentSequence — Property, class com.catalystapps.gaf.display.GAFMovieClip
Returns id of the sequence where animation is right now.
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