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id — Property, class com.catalystapps.gaf.core.ZipToGAFAssetConverter
The id of the converter.
id — Property, class com.catalystapps.gaf.data.GAFTimeline
Timeline identifier (name given at animation's upload or assigned by developer)
id — Property, class com.catalystapps.gaf.data.config.CAnimationSequence
Sequence ID
id — Property, interface com.catalystapps.gaf.display.IGAFTexture
An internal identifier of the region in a texture atlas.
IGAFTexture — Interface, package com.catalystapps.gaf.display
An interface describes objects that contain all data used to initialize static GAF display objects such as GAFImage.
ignoreSounds — Property, class com.catalystapps.gaf.core.ZipToGAFAssetConverter
Prevents loading of sounds
inPlay — Property, class com.catalystapps.gaf.display.GAFMovieClip
Indicates whether GAFMovieClip instance already in play
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