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dispose() — method, class com.catalystapps.gaf.data.GAFBundle
Disposes all assets in bundle
dispose() — method, class com.catalystapps.gaf.data.GAFTimeline
Disposes the underlying GAF timeline config
dispose() — method, class com.catalystapps.gaf.display.GAFImage
Disposes all resources of the display object.
dispose() — method, class com.catalystapps.gaf.display.GAFMovieClip
Disposes all resources of the display object instance.
disposeTextures(scale:Number, csf:Number, imageID:String) — method, class com.catalystapps.gaf.data.GAFGFXData
Dispose specified texture or textures for specified combination scale and csf.
disposeWithTextures() — method, class com.catalystapps.gaf.display.GAFMovieClip
Disposes GAFMovieClip with config and all textures that was loaded with gaf file.
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