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unloadFromVideoMemory(content:String, scale:Number, csf:Number) — method, class com.catalystapps.gaf.data.GAFTimeline
Unload all all graphical data connected with this asset from device GPU memory.
use99alpha — Static Property, class com.catalystapps.gaf.data.GAF
Optimize draw calls when animation contain mixed objects with alpha < 1 and with alpha = 1.
useClipping — Property, class com.catalystapps.gaf.display.GAFMovieClip
if set true - GAFMivieclip will be clipped with flash stage dimensions
useMipMaps — Static Property, class com.catalystapps.gaf.data.GAF
Indicates if mipMaps will be created for PNG textures (or enabled for ATF textures).
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