Why GAF is awesome?

GAF greatly improves game dev workflow

With GAF you can convert any type of 2D animation (explosions, cutscenes, characters, etc) and it is quick and easy to use and implement into the game engine:

  • You don’t need to make any changes to adapt your 2D animations created in Adobe Flash Pro for conversion into the .gaf format. Animators can continue to create animations using the techniques they prefer.
  • Install only one GAF Standalone Converter. Simply drag and drop your .swf into the converter and get a zip file with config (*.gaf) and atlas(*.png) files.
  • Download the provided library for the engine you’re using in your project to play back the .gaf files on any mobile device.

GAF is best solution for converting swf files to mobile devices

GAF solves Sprite Sheets limitations

gaf solves sprite sheet limitations

Using sprite sheets you are:

  • Prevented from creating complex animations because such animations will greatly increase the sprite sheets causing your project build’s size to explode. Excessively large game files will limit the success of your game since long game download times will discourage players from playing your game.
  • Cannot support fast loading of your game since loading even a single animation of medium complexity will require the loading of 3+ atlases
  • Cannot use fast dynamic updates since it would require the download of a great many atlases for every animation.
  • Cannot support customizable characters\animations in your game without greatly increasing the build size.

2d animation customization

In addiition, with GAF you can:

  • Support faster download speed of your game even if you have complex animations in your project (due to small build size with minimal amount of lightweight atlases and lightweight .gaf config).
  • Get much faster loading speed of your animations and higher performance playback.
  • Support fast dynamic updates of your apps.
  • Support custom animations and characters with custom effects thereby enhancing the visual and playable appeal of your game.

High performance

GAF offers:


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Cristobal Viedma
Cristobal Viedma, CEO of Monkimun
GAF is providing the best tool out there to import SWF animations into your game. We've been testing quite a few tools/plugins (even from really big companies) and they've overpass all of them. Not only their tools are great, but also the team behind it is super responsive and friendly.