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Porting flash to mobile. Porting swf to mobile. Unity, Cocos, Starling

A few of the companies who have used GAF technology:

Companies who have used GAF

Our latest testimonials

Cristobal Viedma
Cristobal Viedma, CEO of Monkimun
GAF is providing the best tool out there to import SWF animations into your game. We've been testing quite a few tools/plugins and they've overpass all of them. The team behind it is super responsive and friendly.

GAF = Best solution to improve game dev workflow

  • GAF greatly reduces the number of steps in game development workflow.
  • With GAF you can play any Flash 2D animation (explosions, cutscenes, characters, etc) on mobile devices.
  • No special pre-preparation needed to convert your Adobe Flash Pro 2D animations into .gaf format.

Play any Flash 2d animation on mobile

GAF = High Performance

GAF delivers the highest performance:

  • High FPS, which is possible due to runtime libraries provided and supported by GAF Media;
  • Minimal amount of drawcalls achieved by the means of using native API for each framework to control and manage animations;
  • Highly optimized texture atlas to achieve minimal RAM consumption and build size.

High FPS on Unity, Cocos. Flash performance optimization

Full Flash Pro 2D animation support

GAF Converter supports the full capability of Adobe Flash Pro. Support includes:

  • Vector graphics;
  • Shape, motion, and classic tweens;
  • Filters and Masks;
  • Frame labels;
  • And much more!

GAF. Full Flah 2d animation support. Convert vector graphics


GAF solves Sprite Sheets limitations

With sprite sheets you cannot port the full range of 2D animation possibilities to your mobile game.

  • GAF ports the full range of 2D animation possibilities to your mobile game;
  • GAF provides fast texture loading into the device memory as against to time consuming loading when using sprite sheets;
  • GAF allows preserving custom animation effects, which are lost when using sprite sheets.

gaf, 2d animation unity for mobile game, sprite sheets limitations

Playback Libraries

We have developed high-performance, flexible and reliable runtimes which turn GAF animations into fully featured game objects supporting all features of the game engine you’re using. Full playback API supported in Unity3d, Cocos2d-x, Cocos2d, Starling.

GAF. Unity3d and Flash. Cocos2d and Flash. Starling and Flash

Use Cases

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 2d game example Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles



  • Reduced time to market
  • Increased team workflow efficiency
  • Realized high FPS on animation playback
criminal case gaf Criminal Case

Pretty Simple Games


  • Top rated hidden objects game!
  • Long standing user of GAF
  • Automated thousands of animation conversions
  • Reduced pipeline workflow complexity
 Cocos 2d game example. Pet Buddies Pet Buddies

Catalyst Apps

  • Saved over 3 man months of animator and programming effort
  • Improved from 10 to 50 FPS on some iOS devices
  • Automatically converted over 3000 complex animations
  • Seamless integration of GAF increased game dev workflow efficiency
monki home game using gaf converter Monki Home



  • App for preschoolers for language learning 
  • Unity based app using GAF Converter plugin
  • Highly satisfied client! (See Testimonial)

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