GAF Converter on-line help guide that guides you through the tool's capabilities, how-to tips and tricks.


  1. What is GAF?
  2. What is GAF Converter?
  3. What is GAF Format?
  4. What is GAF playback library?
  5. Supported features of the Flash Pro
  6. How does GAF Converter select content for conversion?
  7. How does the conversion work?
  8. GAF limitations

Standalone GAF Converter

  1. Overview
  2. Quick start guide
  3. Preview Mode
  4. Registration and login
  5. Conversion settings
  6. Conversion modes: Plain and Nesting
  7. CLI (Command Line Interface)


  1. Unity SWF to GAF Converter: Conversion settings
  2. GAF Free: API Reference
  3. GAF Pro: API Reference

How to:

  1. Dividing an animation on Sequences
  2. Dispatching Events from an animation
  3. Working with sounds
  4. Adding custom images into a Texture Atlas