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Our latest testimonials

Martin Johnson
Martin Johnson, Art Director at Lightmare Studios
GAF is producing stellar results and the atlas building algorithms are packing so much information into the square space. It's just brilliant!

GAF solves Sprite Sheets limitations

With sprite sheets you cannot port the full range of 2D animation possibilities to your mobile game.

  • GAF ports the full range of 2D animation possibilities to your mobile game;
  • GAF provides fast texture loading into the device memory as against to time consuming loading when using sprite sheets;
  • GAF allows preserving custom animation effects, which are lost when using sprite sheets.

sprite sheets limitations

GAF = Best solution to improve game dev workflow

  • GAF greatly reduces the number of steps in game development workflow.
  • With GAF you can play any Flash 2D animation (explosions, cutscenes, characters, etc) on mobile devices.
  • No special pre-preparation needed to convert your Adobe Flash Pro 2D animations into .gaf format.

gaf improve dev workflow

GAF = High Performance

GAF delivers the highest performance:

  • High FPS, which is possible due to runtime libraries provided and supported by GAF Media;
  • Minimal amount of drawcalls achieved by the means of using native API for each framework to control and manage animations;
  • Highly optimized texture atlas to achieve minimal RAM consumption and build size.

gaf high performance

Full Flash Pro 2D animation support

GAF Converter supports the full capability of Adobe Flash Pro. Support includes:

  • Vector graphics;
  • Shape, motion, and classic tweens;
  • Filters and Masks;
  • Frame labels;
  • And much more!

gaf full animation support

Playback Libraries

We have developed high-performance, flexible and reliable runtimes which turn GAF animations into fully featured game objects supporting all features of the game engine you’re using. Full playback API supported in Unity3d, Cocos2d-x, Cocos2d, Starling.

gaf playback libraries

Use Cases

ninja turtles gaf Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles



The GAF converter has enabled substantial savings in manual and programming effort by the mobile game team's animators and programmers while providing the best animation playback rates possible.

  • Reduced time to market
  • Increased team workflow efficiency
  • Realized high FPS on animation playback
criminal case gaf Criminal Case

Pretty Simple Games


Pretty Simple Games trusted the GAF Media solution to port game animations to iOS achieving great savings in team effort and reducing time to market.

  • Reduced time to market
  • Increased team workflow efficiency
  • Realized high FPS on animation playback
pet buddies gaf Pet Buddies

Catalyst Apps


The main challenge was to convert over three thousand Flash animations to a format that could be played on all mobile devices at all screen resolutions.

Complex animations with other solutions struggled with low FPS on some iOS devices (as low as 10 FPS). With the GAF media solution the FPS achieved across all iOS devices and all animations now range between 30 to 60 FPS.

  • Saved over 3 man months of animator and programming effort.
  • Automatically converted over 3000 complex animations
  • Seamless integration of GAF increased game dev workflow efficiency
monki home Monki Home



Monki Home is an app to help preschoolers learn a second language, but also useful for use in first language! 

All the animations have been done in Flash and ported into Unity using GAF. This has enabled us to create beautiful and fun animations that children love.

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