Standalone GAF Converter overview

Standalone GAF Converter is the standalone tool for conversion flash animations from SWF files into GAF Format. It is available for Win and Mac platforms. You can download GAF Converter from the download page. It is built using Adobe AIR and requires AIR runtime. If you don’t have the AIR runtime, installer will download and install it automatically during installation of the GAF Converter.

Preview Mode and Logged-in Mode

The GAF Converter can work in two modes: Preview Mode and Logged-in Mode.

standalone gaf converter

Right after the installation Standalone GAF Converter works in the Preview Mode. The Preview Mode is a mode of the GAF Converter which was created to show all the power of the GAF Converter to the user without registration.

It works the same way as Logged-in Mode, but provides only basic conversion settings (general settings, conversion mode and texture atlas basic settings).

gaf preview

In order to switch the GAF Converter into the Logged-in Mode the user has to login using GAF Media account.


Working Area

You can start converting an animations by dragging SWF file into the conversion area. By default GAF Converter saves the conversion result as *.zip archive in the same directory with the original SWF file.

gaf standalone conversion area

Also you can explore and adjust the conversion settings before conversion.

gaf standalone settings button

Information about each conversion setting you can find in the article Standalone Converter Conversion Settings.

Conversion Settings

gaf standalone settings

You can change the directory where the conversion result is saved. Go to the Conversion Settings dialog to General panel and set desired directory in the field "Save to:". General panel also contains other useful settings. More information about General panel and each setting you can find here.

gaf standalone settings general

GAF Converter has two conversion modes: Plain and Nesting. Conversion mode is a program used by GAF Converter to process an SWF animation. Each mode is suitable for certain purposes and produces different result. More information about each conversion mode and the key difference between them you can find in article Conversion modes Plain and Nesting.

By default GAF Converter use the conversion mode Plain to process an SWF animations. But you can change it: go to the Conversion Settings dialog to the Conversion panel and select desired conversion mode.

gaf standalone settings conversion

You can point GAF Converter to search for the animations in the different locations inside SWF file. The conversion source can be Main Timeline and/or Library. More information about conversion sources you can find in the article How does GAF Converter select content for conversion?.

gaf standalone settings conversion source

By default GAF Converter searches for the animation to convert only on Main Timeline. But you can change in in Conversion panel. The description of the other conversion settings you can find in the article Standalone Converter Conversion Settings.

Bundles and Batch conversion

You can convert an animations from several SWF files at the same time by dragging them into the conversion area. When you drag two and more SWF files into the conversion area the popup appears where you need to choose how to convert animations. There are two options: convert separately or create bundle.

gaf standalone choose action

Create Bundle. If you choose Create bundle option GAF Converter will convert all animations as multiple configs with a single texture atlas (one *.gaf config per one SWF file). This may be useful when you have a game scene with several separate animations and you want to put all graphic sources into a single texture atlas. This way you will dramatically reduce draw calls number.

Convert separately. If you choose to convert separately the GAF Converter will convert all SWF files in the same way it is done manually one by one.

gaf standalone batch conversion

GAF Preview

The GAF Preview is an application integrated into the Standalone GAF Converter that allows to preview the converted GAF animation right after the conversion. It is built using Starling GAF playback library. It is designed to meet the following goals:

gaf standalone preview

Command Line Interface (CLI)

You can automate the conversion process by using the CLI provided by Standalone GAF Converter. It is fully functional and supports all the conversion settings. More information about CLI you can find in the article CLI (Command Line Interface).